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Insignia is proud of the diverse set of projects and clients we support. From improving the American labor force and healthcare systems, to preparing our soldiers for deployment, to empowering people with disabilities to get back to work, we are ready for any challenge our clients send our way. Below are just a few examples of the important projects and clients our staff support.


DOL Office of the Chief Information Officer

Content Management System Modernization, Accessibility, UI/UX and Cloud

Technologies: Drupal, Sitecore, SharePoint, AWS, and Azure

Compliance: USWDS, 508 and NIST/FISMA


Department of Defense / Veterans Affairs Program Office

Program Management support for DoD-VA Resource Sharing and Joint Governance

Compliance: DoD-VA Standards/Policies and Program Management Professional best practices


HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources

Individual Leadership Coaching, Staff Coaching, Professional Development and Skills-Building Workshops

Tools: EQ-i 2.0, EQ360, CCL Benchmarks® Assessment Suite


DoD Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program

System Modernization, Accessibility and Risk Management Framework

Technologies: Microsoft .NET Core and SQL

Compliance: 508, NIST/FISMA and RMF


DOL Office of the Chief Information Officer

Section 508 Testing of Departmental Legacy IT Systems

Compliance: DHS Trusted Tester Framework and WCAG 2.0


US Air Force Expeditionary Clinical Training System

Electronic Health Record System Simulation for Pre-Deployment Readiness Training

Technologies: Articulate Storyline 360, WellSaid, Adobe Suite and Camtasia

Compliance: SCORM and 508


HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Digital Services, data visualization and Artificial Intelligence integration for

Technologies: Drupal, AWS, Tableau, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Compliance: USWDS, 508 and NIST/FISMA


Defense Health Agency Infrastructure Support Division

Operations, Logistics, Facilities, Supply Management and Security Services

Tools: RAPIDS and Anti-Terrorism Plan


US Department of Agriculture TARGET Center

Program Management, Customer Service and Communications for Disability-related Services

Technologies: Salesforce, Drupal, Mailchimp and Survey Monkey

Compliance: 508


US Air Force En Route Care and Critical Care Air Transport Teams

Wireless Medical Device Integration with DoD Electronic Health Record System

Technologies: AHLTA-T, TC2, TMDS and MCC


National Science Foundation

Human Resource, Security and Privacy Web-based Training and Multimedia

Technologies: Articulate Storyline 360, WellSaid and Adobe Suite

Compliance: SCORM and 508


HHS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Vocational Job Coaching for Individuals with Disabilities; Leadership Coaching and Training, Professional Development and Skills-Building Workshops

Tools: MBTI, EQ-i 2.0, EQ360


Defense Health Agency LaunchPad Portal

Shared services infrastructure modernization and world-wide intranet collaboration platform

Technologies: SharePoint, .NET and SQL

Compliance: 508 and UI/UX usability best practices


HHS Program Support Center

Individual and Group Leadership Coaching, Individual Development Plan (IDP) Training, and Multicultural Dialogue and Social Justice Learning Sessions

Tools: EQ-i 2.0, EQ360, CCL Benchmarks® Assessment Suite

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