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Bill Blackmon, PhD

Director, Training and Development

Bill has over 25 years of experience across academia, government, and industry extending the capabilities of computer- based training systems and leading content development teams. For the last 9 years, he has managed a contractor team at the National Science Foundation Academy that develops e-learning content, instructor-led training, and creates training videos. As Chief Technical Officer for the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, he co-led teams of competitive vendors to agree on interoperability standards that decrease the costs of creating and deploying quality computer-based instruction.

Boston Terrier

Years of Experience in the Industry


School(s) Attended

Duke, Carnegie Mellon

Something most people would be surprised to learn about me

I'm a strong advocate for getting rid of cars and promoting 15-minute cities.

If I wasn’t working at Insignia, I would be…

At the Insignia office camped outside Karen's door asking, "What happened???"

My first job

My first job as a temp employee was working as a cashier as the registrar for our local community college. I handled at least $50,000 in cash the first day. Later that summer, I handed out free hot dogs at a Home Depot, in a small metal camper in the middle of a parking lot during a thunderstorm.

The best piece of advice I received

Make sure everyone gets credit for the hard work they do.

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs. Cats are evil. You should have included pigs on this list.

My favorite movie/TV show

Breaking Bad. We even named our dog Walter White.

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