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Ashley Allman

UX Strategist and Creative Lead

Ashley is an expert with all aspects of software, web, and graphic design. She has extensive knowledge of usability, information architecture, and Section 508 compliance to ensure that websites are not only technologically sound but user friendly and accessible to individuals with disabilities. She is adept at gathering requirements, conducting end-user research, and translating findings into user-friendly and compelling online experiences. She has familiarity and experience with many Content Management Systems (CMSs), including enterprise-level, open-source, and custom-built solutions. She has extensive knowledge of human factors and user-centered design methodologies including heuristic evaluations, usability testing, focus groups, persona and scenario development, and information architecture.

Boston Terrier

Years of Experience in the Industry


School(s) Attended

University of Virginia, Marymount University

Something most people would be surprised to learn about me

I've been bungee jumping and I am TERRIFIED of heights. I will not be doing it again.

If I wasn’t working at Insignia, I would be…

An interior designer or a full-time artist. My bachelor's was in studio art with a concentration in oil painting and my master's was in interior design.

The hardest job I ever had

Wedding Planner

One word my co-workers would use to describe me


Cats or Dogs?

Definitely dogs - ideally black, white, and smooshy faced. I have a French Bulldog, Gatsby, and a Boston Terrier, Phoebe.

My biggest pet peeve

Oranges. I don't like the taste, smell, or texture, but I'm ok with the color orange.

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